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I've been posting all my Fics on Fanfiction.net. You can see my Fanfiction.net site at http://www.fanfiction.net/~DeeDee.

But since they sometimes have server problems I've decided to post them on my site as well.

Gundam Wing Fanfictions


All of my Gundam Wing fics feature Yaoi. So if you believe Heero should be with Relena, Duo with Hilde, etc:



Reunion -When I get an idea of where this is going I'll give it a proper summary (Only Chapter One posted so far)

The Tape -Duo wants to play his tape in the van.

Compatible -Have you ever filled out one of those Compatiblity surveys at school? Well what if Heero does? (Only Five Chapters posted so far)

Dragonball Z Fanfictions

Camping -Bulma and the kids want to go camping. Will Vegeta go with them? (Only Two Chapters posted so far)

Mini Golf -The Sons and the Briefs play a round of golf. (Only Chapter One posted so far)